Company Ma’ an initiative from Marion Alzieu, was launched in 2014 following several opportunities to showcase her choreography.

Marion created her first piece in 2013, “En terre d’attente” with the help of the EDIT dance school, the CDC and the cultural center Napam Beogo in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso). She presents the premiere of the duet in the FIDO Festival of Ouagadougou, organized by Irene Tassembedo in 2013 and the same year at the CDC La Termitière, under the direction of Seydou Boro and Salia Sanou. This very same duo will be presented for the first time in France at the Festival # MC10, in late 2013, organized by Ingrid Bizaguet at the Mathis Centre in Paris, then in 2014 at the La Parenthèse theater in Avignon, upon invitation from the Herman Diephuis Company.
In 2014, Marion starts working on her second play, a solo – “This is not a white woman”, thanks to a studio loan from the studio theater Suresnes Jean Vilar, and the help of the CND Pantin and the Studio Regard du Cygne in Paris. She presents the premiere of this solo at an event at Micadanses (Paris) in May 2014, invited by Ingrid Bizaguet.


The project

While I wish to continue working as a dancer and performer with various choreographers, which I have been doing since 2010, I also aspire to develop my own artistic approach.

Company Ma’ is a project that focuses on the trial and development of a contemporary dance gestural style, altogether physical, dynamic, elegant, subtle and creative.
Drawing from my experiences as a performer, from my dancing travels in Africa, in Israel and in Europe, and from the world of contemporary dance generally speaking, I refine my ideas and the questions that punctuate my path as a dancer, creating a fantasy world on stage.

I prefer physical rather than theatrical dances. Pure movement is at the root of my research. In each movement, I want to find my own signature and the way to achieve it, to get to an original and personal universe.
Musical creation, which I always want to be original, is for me a strong connection to dance and acts as a support.

I do not try to fit into a category or the definition of a style. Quite the opposite. My strong connection to Africa, the dance and life experiences that I acquired there, my knowledge of hip-hop (which I practised for 6 years), my interest in yoga and my early training in contemporary, modern dance and ballet, are all ingredients for me to experiment with, to readjust and re-imagine my dance every time.


Continually taking interest in what’s unknown to me, I seek to direct these discoveries towards my world and my personality. To transform ideas, to distort knowledge and prejudices, and above all to play with my dance.

Confrontation and dialogue of genres and styles will refine this quest for my signature within the movement.

I want to bring this research and creations on stage, simply to meet an audience, with whom to communicate. Meetings and exchanges will feed my project and will drive it to flourish and to keep evolving.

Marion Alzieu