Choreography and interpretationIMG_2689
Marion Alzieu

Live music and composition
Michael Avron

Derida Dance Center (Sofia/Bulgarie)
CDC L’échangeur/Picardie
Grand Studio (Bruxelles)



« Him, at the very top of the tree, he’s my great great great great… »

Everything started with a thread. Or a cord rather, which allowed a cry, a call. Have you tied your laces? Tighten them well, I wouldn’t like to lose you… Then comes the next invisible thread, or maybe it was a guitar string, or a line on a painting. Who knows? I hear, I listen then I see you. Invisible waves surround us. I’m connected, are you there? You, thousands of miles away, to whom I’m linked to by the invisible… a Way of Interacting Fuelled by Imagination… Wifi. Look at what links us, ties us, unties us… but where are you?

“W” is an exchange between dance and music. How to introduce this dialogue which is so often choreographed, and is perhaps obvious, in a new encounter to raise the issue linking.

The link between people, between two energies, between a sense and a sound, between a thread and a bobbin, a piece of chalk and a line… A link, a connection, family trees and friendship ties.  A relation to others is inevitable. Life links us. Beliefs, knowledge, ideologies, sensations, events, codes, universality, all connect us and bring us to a common and communicative universe. We share it in an grid arrangement of threads, of circuits, which form a network of invisible and powerful waves, linked to its core. We must be connected to be linked. To hook up to the invisible and the intangible in order to create a contact, a link, and to connect to the notion of being. To be someone to follow, to look up to.

On stage, we’ll imagine a backdrop of threads, cables, links. A hubbub of connections, like a concert scene which would showcase a massive computer, a brain. The primary location where our connections, our memory, our recollections, our images, our reality, our network, our relations all engage.

It’s the era of the transitional. Webs pace the universe, establishing humanity devoid links. Technology facilitates, technology modernises, technology desocialises.

Voices talk to each other, images are displayed, and the void remains. We grow apart to our greatest pleasure.

How, therefore, in this cordless society, in this purely network and waves society, can we remain linked to the present, to the spontaneous and tangible reality? How to grasp solitude and self-confrontation in this world that crackles and fuses?

To go beyond the link with our knowledge, to distort it so that the link is less obvious, less simple, to desperately attempt to find one another. As if in a network-free zone, in a way…



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