Marion-1-copieChoreography and interpretation
Marion Alzieu

Michael Avron

Jean Pierre Nepost

Micadanses (Paris)




“We are lost in life, in what we write, in what we create, when we want to ponder precisely over the nature of the identity of something…  It may be a state of mind, something which has just dropped down, which takes hold of you and grips you tight.

There is no respite from it… Its origin?!… Well… I don’t know…

There is actually no knowing where it’s coming from, where it’s going and what it is. It just is… Or maybe something else, someone else…”

We are given an identity in spite of ourselves, from birth, and gradually it becomes ours.  We become “I” to craft this identity, reshape it, destroy it, or simply to accept it. But do we have the power to choose, really? The thought and the identity change us? Torture us? Can we be without them even just for a moment? If we got back to nature, to the essence of things, we are mere flesh and muscles… and then who do we depend upon?

Through this solo, I will study ways to exorcise this identity, to blend into something else. The aim of this solo is to dance something that happens beyond thoughts. I wouldn’t wish you to give me a name and to label me. Try to speak about myself through the absence of something.

How to be what attracts us, in order to disappear? Am I entirely what I dance, or am I not, or should I be, since it is my body that is there?

It’s to transform ideas, in an urgency to plunge into the struggle. Without being afraid of the unknow, the unqualifable or the undefined.

You go on stage to be yourself.


2nd jury prize and audience prize – Solo Dance Contest 2014 (Gdansk-Pologne)

3rd jury prize and distinction for the research and the richness of the choreographic language – Corto In Danza Festival (Cagliari-Italy)

2nd jury prize – HiverÔclites (Avignon-France)

1st jury prize – Festival Tobina (Paris-France)

2nd jury prize – International Choreography Contest Burgos/New York (Burgos-Spain)

2nd jury prize – International Choreagraphy Contest 3.2.1..Taniec (Krakow-Poland)


>>International Choreography Contest in Burgos (Spain)

>>Solo Dance Contest (Pologne)


>>Grand studio (Bruxelles)