Choreography and interpretationEn-terre-dattente-1-300x262
Marion Alzieu, Ousseni Dabare

Michael Avron

Mohamed Boro

Studios Loans
CDC La Termitière (Ouagadougou)
Ecole de danse EDIT (Ouagadougou)
Espace Napam Beogo (Ouagadougou)



Following an artistic and cultural exchange between our two countries of origin, France and Burkina Faso, we shared an ambition to go further and compare our cultures and knowledge in order to create a piece.

We wanted to use our geographical and social situation, given distance, uncertainty and difference as a raw material for the piece. This creative process led us to focus on the particular notion of waiting.

Very present in our exchange, we wanted to explore this notion, guided by the different perceptions we have of time but also guided by our unique ways of waiting. We questioned the way we perceive and distort our own “waiting gestures” that betray this state of impatience, often stifled by a feeling of inadequacy, almost of lacking.

This wait has become for us some sort of a limbo state, like a thread linking our two worlds and approaches.

Our desire to stage this state through contemporary dance, brings us to question the position of the waiting body. With two chairs for unique décor, the body becomes the refuge of thoughts, looks and projections to beyond. On the lookout for something else, someone else, or somewhere else. Forever dependant upon this time that connects us no matter what, we sought to create a land, made ​​of this state of waiting. A land where time becomes someone in its own right.