Born in Rwanda from a French father (pianist and university lecturer) and a Burkinabe mother, he plays the viola at the age of 7. He then learns how to play the guitar (rock, blues, metal) in France, before leaving at the age of 18 to come back to his origins.

He then moves up in the world of professional music in Burkina Faso, collaborating with the young musicians (Smockey, Faso Kombat, Wed Hyack, MC Z, Djata, Lennox Lindsay, …) and the not so young ones (Zacksoba, Georges Ouedraogo, Salembo, Abdoulaye Cisse) who write modern music in Burkina Faso.

Back in Paris, strong from his multifaceted experience (African, Western and Caribbean music), Michal puts together Tiwitine (a Tuareg groove group to which he brings his original universe), plays with artists such as Ahmed Cisse and Desiré Sankara, and under the record label MUSEEKAL ID, takes part in the recording of albums of zouk/hip hop/RnB artists, such as Jacky Rapon, Cheb Tarik, and Siba. He learns to play the base, the keyboard, the drums, to write and to compose, and he gets a qualification in musicology from the university of Paris 8.

He then becomes a member of various training groups – Salsa (Miniatura – Columbia), Gwana (Kifna, Hamma – Algeria), Reggae (Solo Jah Gunt – Côte d’Ivoire). He gives tuition in Paris, master-classes in Africa, and reaches out to schools in sensitive Parisian suburbs to grow artistic aspirations in those somewhat lost youths.
At the same time, Michael continues to enrich his vision and his knowledge of the world and human beings through music. His quest will lead him to work with the Burkinabe choreographer Salia Sanou, to take part in the recording of an album in Rwanda on the commemoration of the genocide, a project directed by the singer Alif Naaba (website Alif Naaba) with whom he toured 12 African countries and recorded an album in 2013.

He works also with the artist from Reunion Island , Johann Berby (website Johann Berby) from 2013.

Michael widens his field of action in order to include all artistic elements in his music: compositions for theatre plays, contemporary dance, and “performances” with modern art artists.

He has been working in association with Marion Alzieu since 2012.

Born in Rwanda, composer and guitarist Franco Burkinabé Michaël AVRON 
has long established his style of play, composition and arrangements, 
in travel and cross-breeding. He settled in Burkina Faso with a Rock 
and Blues luggage at the beginning of the 2000s, collaborated with 
the artists in view of the country, then returned to live in Paris where 
he will share many scenes with artists from all the continents present 
 in this cosmopolitan city. Colombians (Miniatura) Algerians (Kifna) Touareg (Tiwitine).
He then toured West Africa, Eastern Europe, North Africa, and in parallel 
directs artistically  the albums of artists (Alif Naaba, Ahmed Cisse, ...) and
 compose for the dancer Marion Alzieu in Within the company MA '.


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