Choreographer  – Dancer



Born in France in 1987, a very young Marion becomes passionate about dance in any form and shape. She begins with hip-hop and ballet, then studies modern dance at the Centre James Carlès in Toulouse.
Later, she discovers contemporary dance thanks to workshops with Peter Mika, Olga Cobos and Luc Jacobs.

From 2008 to 2010, she undertakes the Coline professional qualification in Istres, where she meets several guest choreographers and dances the repertoires of Emanuel Gat, Lisi Esteras, Shlomi Tuizer and Salia Sanou…
Having achieved this qualification, she works as trainee in Emanuel Gat’s company.
Then she joins Jasmin Vardimon Company in London, and works with at the Royal Opera House, until 2011.
Forever curious and craving new experiences, in 2011, she undertakes the professional qualification at the Centre of Choreographic Development (CDC) la Termitière in Ouagadougou for 3 months where she meets several African choreographers.
Back in France, Marion joins the Mouvements Perpétuels Company, under the direction of Salia Sanou. Besides being an interpreter in several of her dance pieces, she assists Salia in creations for children and amateur dancers. From 2012, she also spends time working in the troupes of Hervé Chaussard (Cie The Will Corporation), Amala Dianor (Kaplan) and Serge Aimé Coulibaly (Cie Faso Danse Theatre).

Alongside her status as interpreter, she develops her own style as a choreographer.

In 2013, she creates the duet “En terre d’attente” for the Festival OIDF (Burkina) under the direction of Irène Tassembedo.
She present this duet in France in November 2013 in Paris, then, in July 2014 at the Festival Off in Avignon (France).
In 2014, she creates the solo “Ceci n’est pas une femme blanche”. At the same time, she create her own company: Compagnie Ma’.